Certainly we do have an extremely high competence regarding all possible hip problems. Dr. Markus Michel performed more than 3'000 Hip Arthroscopies in the last fifteen year. He developed the "state of the art" tissue sparing technique for total hip replacement, allowing rehabilitation to be much faster and more complete.

We also have a huge experience regarding complex situations like revision surgeries of failed primary total hips. Dr Markus Michel is one of the very rare surgeons being capable of revising a failed primary total hip in most circumstances without detaching or cutting through musculature or tendsons. In doing so rehabilitation is much faster and the reduces of limping and postoperative pain are therefore reduced..

We show here the basics of some of the procedures but we do not show the very complex procedures like for instance the pelvic osteotomies being sometime necessary in malformed or dysplastic joints. This because they need to be explained individually.