As early as the end of the 1980s, the author became increasingly interested in hip arthroscopy. His interest was peaked during an 18-month stay in the United States, primarily at Harvard Medical School and MIT, in Boston. There in mock surgeries, the first attempts were made to standardize the access points / portals on cadavers.

Clinically, we first performed hip arthroscopy in 1997 at the Orthopedic Center Münsingen. The technique was mostly used for diagnostic purposes initially. Since the technology evolved so rapidly and we recognized how beneficial it was, we continued and to the present day can claim over 3,000 successful hip arthroscopies.

1918 Kenji Takagi

  • First known hip arthroscopy

1931 Michael Samuel Burman

  • „Originally we were sceptical as to whether anything could be seen in the hip joint, but we have had unusual succsess with this puncture.“

1970 Aignan M.: Atempted

  • diagnostic arthroscopy and biopsy of 51 hips (Rev. Int. Rheumatol 1976:33;458)

80/90 J.W: Thomas Byrd, USA - 80/90 R.N. Villar, England

  • Hip arthroscopy under distraction
  • Image intensifier – X-ray control
  • Standardized portals and positioning

Head of the femur on the left, joint socket on the right. On the edge of the socket is the labrum, which is ruptured at the base. The impingement has created an inflammation, which is clearly recognizable by ingrown blood vessels.