Rescued by two 5-mm incisions

Since a few years, a type of surgery known as arthroscopy has been able to put a halt to hip arthritis without the need for major open surgery. During an arthroscopy, bone spurs can be eliminated or a thickened femur neck, which results in pain from impingement, can be ground down. Both will lead to a reduction of pain.

“But it is important that this surgical intervention be performed in a timely manner,” Dr. Michel said. Years ago, this method was only used on younger patients but today older patients can benefit from it as well. “We even see good success in 70-year-old patients,” said the specialist. It is of major importance that this surgery be performed by an experienced specialist because it is very demanding from a technical standpoint.

after 1500 miles

Even an artificial joint – the last solution for advanced hip arthritis – is achievable with less suffering today. One gentle option is the “MicroHip method” developed by Dr. Markus Michel some years ago. This method allows the placement of a hip prosthesis without the need for severing muscles or detaching tendons. “If you operate in an internervous plane, nerve fibers will not be destroyed,” Dr. Michel said. Instead of a scalpel, an ultrasound knife is frequently used, which causes less damage to the tissue and less bleeding.

In the meantime, Silvia Z. has made an appointment for arthroscopy and is very much looking forward to being able to walk freely and pain-free again soon.She heard of a patient of Dr. Michel, who had a longstanding wish of traveling the Camino de Santiago (St. James Way) trail and was finally able to do so just six months after her arthroscopy. Since learning this, Silvia Z. also has the same ambitious plans.