The gold standard

This was the definitive breakthrough for hip arthroscopy, which is clearly today the “international gold standard.”

Nonetheless, hip arthroscopy is technically very demanding and requires a correspondingly well-trained team.

Hip arthroscopy is most commonly performed for treatment of hip impingement syndrome. This is described in detail in a separate chapter: Impingement

As one of the largest centers in Europe, we perform 250 to 300 hip arthroscopies per year. We see patients from all across Europe, many of them from Germany, Austria, Belgium and France.

The number of surgeries performed on top international athletes has also increased tremendously. After hip arthroscopy, most athletes can start a specific physical rehabilitation training programw hich allows them to resume their sports activities: a rare situation after conventional open surgery.

We will gladly help you put together a physical rehabilitation program that suits your specific needs. When performing training exercises and undergoing physical therapy, it is important to always remain within the pain-free range of motion. The cross-trainer – a piece of equipment available in nearly all fitness centers today – is quite ideally suited for physical rehabilitation training.