As well as hips also the knees belong to our passion. Injuries to the knee are so common that many people think they are no big deal. But even the smallest meniscal tear can have huge consequences over the years if not treated perfectly! There fore for us nothing is just a “small intervention”, even a minor accident needs to be treated with the upmost care and precision.

The above is also valid for the ligament repair or its reconstruction: Precision is everything! But this does not only apply to the surgeons it applies to the nurses, to the physiotherapist and to everybody being involved in the rehabilitation of our patients, it is a teamwork! And the patient himself also belongs to the team: If you wan to have a perfect result, it is extremely important that you comply with the guidelines set not only by your Doctor, but also by the whole team.

If a joint is once destroyed and a joint replacement is needed it is even more important to take care of every little detail: We could improve our patient satisfaction by more then 15% trying to optimize every single step of the procedure. Using computer assistance (navigation) belongs to the standard in our unit since many years, but we also introduced soft tissue sparing techniques to the total knee replacement procedure which improve the outcome significantly. Last but not least, sterility is an absolute key factor, therefore we never perform an intervention with out “space suits”, this allowing to reduce the risk of an infection.

In this section you are shown some of the standard procedures, but we will explain you what is needed especially for you in much more detail.