Hip arthitis: overload

If the hip experiences excessive load, the cartilage layer will wear down.

Once the cartilage is completely worn off, the joint space connects with the bone. Due to deficient circulation, micro-fractures can no longer be repaired and the stressed areas collapse. Through the open hollow spaces in the bone, the joint fluid is pressed into the bone and cysts form. Circulation ceases permanently and entire zones die off.

If arthritis has largely destroyed the joint and if the cartilage is also worn down causing bone to grinding on bone, we replace the joint as gently as possible to facilitate renewed unlimited function. We call this the MicroHip technique. Information on this topic is found in an additional, specially dedicated chapter.

For those who already have an implant, we also provide ongoing care for worn down or loose artificial hips. In some cases, it may be possible to replace a dysfunctional artificial hip joint through the MicroHip technique: a technique with numerous advantages. The MicroHip technique can often even be used when the joint has been exchanged several times.

We always find a solution for inserting a new and stable joint to relieve the patient from pain. After a successful intervention it is often still possible to be physically active (see testimonials).

Particularly in special situations such as a stiff hip joint (arthrodesis), congenital malpositioning, or congenital luxation, we use our extended experience and that gained from being a Reference Center for Hip Surgery to find a solution that is optimally tailored to each individual patient.

Since we have already treated a large number of hip disorders, we are also familiar with rare problems. For example, we have made countless stiff hip joints movable again.

If you wish, we will gladly put you in touch with former patients who underwent treatment for a similar condition for you to learn about their experiences.

Also if your case has been labeled as a so-called “hopeless” case, do not hesitate to contact us. In addition to our in-house wealth of experience, we have developed a large international medical network and are connected with the very best orthopedic specialists around the world. Through this, we find solutions and solve problems for most cases that might have elsewhere been considered unsolvable. We are dedicated to every case, even if finding the right treatment pathway takes detailed efforts in consultation and enormous time - we stay committed until the goal has been reached!